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Why exposing Avaaz - IS IMPORTANT

16th June 2012

Avaaz is campaigning with emotive pictures of dead children and attributing the killings to Syrian government forces. However, considerable evidence suggests that it is insurgents, financed and supported by the US NATO alliance, that are guilty of these heinous crimes knowing they will be blamed on government forces. The fiercest battle in progress is the battle for our minds. See [The Art of Manipulation]

Avaaz is not alone in screening violent civil disturbance and death, but like Libya, it is mostly not clear who shot who, when and where. We do known that armed foreign forces have been introduced into the country to topple the Assad regime. We know the US NATO alliance and the six global media corporation are supreme in manipulating media to engineer consent.

Avaaz's evolvement in the Western planned, funded, and armed destabilisation of Syria is the corollary of the agenda that Soros is promoting with Obama currently at the helm. Avaaz policy on Syria echos the policy of the US NATO military alliance. [1]

The Syria crisis is as manufactured a "revolt" as the overthrow of the Libyan regime was. It's public knowledge, even broadcast by the BBC and Daily Telegraph that foreign military forces, from Qatar, Britain (SAS), etc. along with imported "Islamic terrorists" from Afghanistan and Iraq were deployed in Libya to stir and support sectarian unrest. The US NATO alliance then spun, with effective media manipulation, a largely manufactured "revolt" to justify an intervention with all the might of 21st Century air power, missiles, drones and special forces. The lies and most importantly, the myths that were created and blown up in a full scale disinformation campaign, confused and to a large extent, disempowered the peace and justice movements as well as the public at large.

The offensive against Syria was planned years ago according to General Wesley Clark. Seven countries were targeted for the overthrow of their governments and to be brought into direct control of the US. They were: Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Iraq. [2] Clark has not been alone in projected significant upheaval in the Middle East. There are very big political, psychological, resource and military operations unfolding.

Evidence, not widely broadcast by Western media, shows that the US, Israel, France, and Britain and Turkey have created, and are allied with, a shadowy army of Islamic fighters of various kinds. Western powers are financing al Qaeda tagged fighters and so called Jihadist forces from Iraq, Afghanistan and from other bases such as Eastern Libya and are injecting them into sensitive border areas in Syria. It is a replay of Yugoslavia and Libya 2011. This is not a new strategy. It was part of the destabilisation and break up of Yugoslavia and was the major strategy in the overthrow of the Libyan regime. See  [Libya] and [Syria]

This is contrary to all international law on war, the Nuremberg Declaration and the UN Charter, which was set in place to stop war by resolving ALL conflict, except direct invasion, BY PEACEFUL MEANS. Starting wars and stirring sectarian divide is not part of the Charter.

A Guardian article on Avaaz [3] reports: "At each stage, it [Avaaz] has sought the approval of its own membership through online polling and fundraising campaigns. Patel says that gives Avaaz the strength to take the next big step, because as an institution it is beholden to no one but its own members and will follow their guidance wherever that leads"  Patel is President of Avaaz and is reported to have a salary, paid by donations, of $120 to 180 000 dollars a year.

What poll was conducted before they surreptitiously entered Syria with communication equipment and foreign journalists or declared their backing for a US NATO "No Fly Zone" / air attack on Syria?

The Avaaz Syria web pages lead with dramatic focus on broken bodies and emotive narrative but exclude any investigation into questions of US NATO intervention and whether it is the West's mercenaries that are committing the massacres and not the Syria forces. The Syria government could be justified in seeing Avaaz as directly involved in supporting an armed insurrection in a UN member country. 

A lot of very experienced internet campaign organisers are involved with Avaaz and its support base has grown considerably since its establishment due to action on subjects with a fairly broad consensus such as ecology or aid to areas suffering natural disasters such as Haiti and Burma.

However, it seems that the Avaaz community – having been recruited by means of whales, bees and elephants  and the CO2 / carbon footprint drama - is now being manipulated into supporting the  US NATO  "Responsibility to Protect"  offensive against any government not cowered to Pentagon / Wall Street and corporate bullying.

Is the reporting on Syria a coordinated propaganda programme to win acquiescence to the take over and destruction of the regime ….   and then Iran?  Is Avaaz part of that coordinated campaign?

The situation for most civilians was / is far worse in many other countries, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen,  and the African continent including now Libya. Libya today, mid 2012, is largely in chaos where racist persecution of black people is widely reported and tribal groups are fighting for domination or separation with the enormous cache of modern weapons gifted by the West or taken from Gadafy forces. The extensive welfare state is in ruins.

While Libya and today Syria, are in the lime light for Avaaz it seems that the killing of upwards of ten million human beings in the Congo and Rwanda has obviously not arisen in the "online polls". Avaaz is ignoring far worse human rights violations being committed  by governments that have been put into power with US, UK and Israeli military support. These client states allow western corporations an open door for resource exploitation, mineral and human . 

On November 29th investigative journalist and genocide expert Keith Harmon Snow testified before Spain's Highest Court (Audencia Nacional) to support the indictments against 40 Rwandan officials for war crimes, genocide and crimes against humanity during the western-backed invasions of Rwanda and Congo/Zaire by Rwandan president Paul Kagame’s Rwandan Patriotic Army (RPA) and Ugandan president Yoweri Museveni's Ugandan People's Defense Forces (UPDF). 
Keith Harmon Snow has been researching the real facts of the tragedy known to the world as the "Rwandan genocide" (put in quotes?) since 1994, and has, along with many other experts, evidence to prove that the United States, Britain and Israel were responsible for the training, financing and covert military and logistic support of Kagame and Museveni's forces.

See the 3 minute video of Keith Harmon Snow on the Imperialist Propaganda machine here:

Two reports on the Congo / Rwanda conflicts featuring K Harmon Snow are posted here:

(i) The World’s Most Neglected Emergency 28th March 2005

(ii) Rwanda: The Pentagon's African Holocaust

For an independent analysis of the Syria situation read  Professor Chossudovsky Real reason for war on Syria.   
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[1] Current Avaaz campaigns on Syria

[2] Video Interview with General Wesley Clark
"We're going to take out 7 countries in 5 years: Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Iran.."