Avaaz calls for no-fly zone - Libya

From the Avaaz web site:

Update 17 March 2011
The UNSC has agreed to take "all necessary measures" short of an invasion to protect the people of Libya under threat of attack, including a no-fly zone! Together, we flooded the Security Council with 1.1 million calls to action. The Libyan people have called for this support, and we hope it will halt the violence, and give Libya a chance at a path out from tyranny. 

Posted 15 March 2011
The Arab League has just asked the UN Security Council to create a no-fly zone over Libya. Right now Qaddafi's forces are crushing the rebellion town by town and brutal retribution awaits Libyans who challenged the regime. If we don't persuade the UN to act now, we could witness a bloodbath. 

Libyans are asking if the world has abandoned them. The Avaaz community is deeply committed to non-violence, but enforcing a no-fly zone to ground Qaddafi's gunships is one case where UN-backed military action seems necessary. Polls of our community show 86% of us support a no-fly zone. Now, as the decisive UN vote nears, it's time for the biggest outcry we can raise to break the international deadlock. 

We cheered when Libya's people rose up, and we cannot, we must not, ignore their plea for help now, in their darkest hour. Even if you've sent one before, click to send a message to the UN Security Council now.

Dear United Nations Security Council delegates,

I call on you to immediately pass the resolution for a no-fly zone to stop the aerial bombings of civilians in Libya and restore access for humanitarian flights. 

Additional measures should also be urgently implemented, including recognition of the provisional government; jamming of Qaddafi's television stations and more extensive and targeted sanctions and assets freezes on the regime.

Immediate international action is vital to stop a bloodbath in Libya.

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