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Since the enclosures, when the relationship between power and the people changed, "the people" have represented a growing threat to oligarchic power - thus potentially becoming "the enemy". The best way to defeat your enemy is to lead them, especially in class warfare against the majority. Is Wikileaks yet another part of the [US Full Spectrum Dominance] military strategy acting on behalf of oligarchy?

Some articles exploring the links between Wikileaks the money power and the intelligence apparatus.

Webster Tarpley Calls Out Julian Assange

Who is Behind Wikileaks? 
Michel Chossudovsky December 13, 2010

Wikleaks is upheld as a breakthrough in the battle against media disinformation and the lies of the US government. Progressive organizations have praised the Wikileaks endeavor. Our own website Global Research has provided extensive coverage of the Wikileaks project. The leaks are heralded as an immeasurable victory against corporate media censorship. But is there more than meets the eye?

Even prior to the launching of the project, the mainstream media had contacted Wikileaks. There are also reports from published email exchanges (unconfirmed) that Wikileaks had, at the outset of the project in January 2007, contacted and sought the advice of Freedom House. This included an invitation to Freedom House (FH) to participate in the Wikileaks advisory board: [More]

WikiLeaks Tied To Soros

The Huffington Post   
FOX NEWS clip. Interview with O'Riley
Glenn Beck tied WikiLeaks, and its leader, Julian Assange, to George Soros -- whom Beck has repeatedly attacked as sitting at the center of a vast array of secretive organizations determined to fundamentally alter American society and the world -- during his weekly "At Your Beck And Call" segment on Wednesday's "O'Reilly Factor." [More]

Wikileaks: George Soros-CIA Front for InfoWarfare by WAYNE MADSEN
Wikileaks claims it is the first website dedicated to revealing sensitive and classified information. This is false.
In fact, Cryptome, founded by New York City architect John Young, was the first and Wikileaks is a mere poor facsimile.
When John Young pulled out of the Wikileaks operation in 2007, suspecting it was a CIA front, there were also early allegations that Wikileaks was funded by Soros.

Soros fronts for the CIA by running the operations of Radio Free Europe, Radio Liberty, and Radio Free Asia. In fact, one of Wikileaks's advisory board members, Chinese dissident Xiao Qiang, is a commentator for Radio Free Asia. [More]