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Posted 10th March 2011

The "game plan" to protect FED $ supremacy & gain control of 3% of world oil supplies seems clearer now that the "No Fly" humanitarian "offensive" is in play. Read a summary of Anorak Notes on:

Independent observers who believe the West is plotting an enervating Balkanisation of Libya (3% of world's oil) [Read more]

Partially history so far:

Four Years After Gaddafi, Libya Is a Failed State

Libya Rebel Leaders Supported by "Money, Arms,
PR"- Ex-premier
Noivember 25, 2011 -- TRIPOLI By Reuters

Posted June 16th 2012 Pub. 15.06.2012
ICTR President Vagn Joensen Issues Statement on ICC Staff Detained in Libya
Friday, 15 June 2012 10:35

The President of the United Nations International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, Judge Vagn Joensen, issued a statement expressing deep concern over the continued detention of staff members of the International Criminal Court (ICC) in Libya:

“I join President Song in urging the immediate release of the ICC staff members who have now been detained in Libya for more than one week. This deplorable situation affecting our sister institution is wholly unacceptable – immunity of staff on official mission of an international court is of paramount importance to that court’s ability to properly function. I stand ready to assist in any way that may be requested in order to help ensure the safe return of the detained ICC staff members.”

The four ICC staff members, who were on an official mission ordered by an ICC Pre-Trial Chamber, have been detained in Libya since 7 June 2012.

Posted 23rd Oct 2011
Libyan NATO Supported Rebels Currently Listed by US State Department as Terrorists

NATO leaders are guilty under US code of providing material support to terrorists.

By Tony Cartalucci

Land Destroyer Report /

Global Research, September 4, 2011

NATO leaders are guilty under US code of providing material support to terrorists.

In March 2011, the London Telegraph reported that Libya’s rebels had direct ties to Al Qaeda and that both leaders and fighters had spent time in both Iraq and Afghanistan combating US troops.

The article titled, “Libyan rebel commander admits his fighters have al-Qaeda links” featured Abdel-Hakim al-Hasidi, who had been captured by the US after fighting Americans in Afghanistan, returned to Libya, and released under a bargain for Hasidi and his Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) militants to abandon extremism and become productive members of society. Quite obviously, and with the US, UK, and NATO’s help, Hasidi and his men went back on this bargain and are now sowing murder and mayhem across Libya. Full article & live links at Global Research

Destroying a Country's Standard of Living:
What Libya Had Achieved, What has been Destroyed
by Prof. Michel Chossudovsky
Global Research, September 20, 2011

"There is no tomorrow" under a NATO sponsored Al Qaeda rebellion. While a "pro-democracy" rebel government has been instated, the country has been destroyed.

Against the backdrop of war propaganda, Libya's economic and social achievements over the last thirty years, have been brutally reversed:

The [Libyan Arab Jamahiriya] has had a high standard of living and a robust per capita daily caloric intake of 3144. The country has made strides in public health and, since 1980, child mortality rates have dropped from 70 per thousand live births to 19 in 2009. Life expectancy has risen from 61 to 74 years of age during the same span of years. (FAO, Rome, Libya, Country Profile,) For more & live links go to Global Research article.

Posted 21.10.11 Pub. 2011
War is Good for Business: Rebuilding Libya with Stolen Money
Selected Articles Global Research

Posted 21.10.11 Pub. Aug 26th 2011

Britain's SAS leads hunt for Gaddafi

Thomas Harding, Gordon Rayner, Damien Mcelroy

August 26, 2011

Libyan Forces Liberate Misratah
Clearing up the latest media rubbish on Libya
By Lizzie Phelan in Libya
[I believe Lizzie Phelan would be more accurate to write "media disinformation". Her reports indicate the extent that the western media, along with Al Jazerra et al, are conducting a symphony of lies to fog the truth of what is a western take over of Libya to protect the power of the dollar whilst establishing a military foothold in North Africa.]

Posted 22nd July 2011 Pub. 21.7.11

The Headless Corpse, the Mass Grave and Worrying Questions About Libya's Rebel Army
The five corpses floated disfigured and bloating in the murky bottom of the water tank. Wearing green soldiers' uniforms, the men lay belly down, decomposing in the putrid water.
By Ruth Sherlock, Al-Qawalish
July 21, 2011 "The Telegraph" - -The streaks of blood, smeared along the sides of this impromptu mass grave suggested a rushed operation, a hurried attempt to dispose of the victims.

Who the men were and what happened to them, close to the Libyan rebels' western front line town of Al-Qawalish in the Nafusa Mountains, remains unknown.

But the evidence of a brutal end were clear. One of the corpses had been cleanly decapitated, while the trousers of another had been ripped down to his ankles, a way of humiliating a dead enemy. The green uniforms were the same as those worn by loyalists fighting for Col. Muammer Gaddafi in Libya's civil war. [Read more]

Posted 9th June 2011

Cluster Bombing of Misrata Committed by US Naval Forces, Not Qadhafi

by Human Rights Investigations (HRI) May 27, 2011

The ongoing HRI investigation of the cluster bombing of Misrata in April 2011 has found convincing evidence the bombing was committed by US naval forces.

The bombing of Misrata
On the 15th April 2011, sub-munitions of a MAT-120 cluster bomb were shown to Human Rights Watch (HRW) and C.J. Chivers, a journalist for the New York Times, in Misrata. On that evening, during ongoing clashes between rebel and loyalist forces, Human Rights Watch workers witnessed 3 or 4 cluster munitions landing in residential areas of Misrata. HRW attest to further subsequent such bombings.
The rush to judgement
Both HRW and C.J. Chivers immediately blamed these attacks on the Gaddafi regime and the news has been a front page and first item on the television news around the world. There is another unreported side to this story [Read more]

Posted 22nd May

NATO's Secret Ground War in Libya
by Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya

Foreign Forces Were on the Ground in Libya prior to any type of U.N. Approval
U.N. Security Council Resolution 1973 only passed, because Moscow and Beijing abstained. This was a tactical move meant to limit the war.

If the resolution had been vetoed by Russia and China, in all likelihood, the U.S., Britain, France, Italy (and the Western European members of NATO) would have resorted to “other means,” including an outright invasion. By abstaining and getting the NATO powers to vocally invest themselves to U.N. Resolution 1973 and to hide behind it, Moscow and Beijing managed to limit the options of the Pentagon and NATO.
Washington has casually admitted that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) was on the ground supporting rebel forces. According to Washington, the involvement of U.S. intelligence agents in Libya started as soon as the U.S. embassy in Tripoli was closed. [1] February 25, 2011, is the date that the U.S. embassy in Tripoli was reported as being closed. [2] Read more

Posted 14th May 2011 Pub.February 21, 2009
From The Sunday Times

Gaddafi offers oil and power to people

Philip Pank in Tripoli
Forty years into the revolution he unleashed on Libya Muammar Gaddafi has announced plans to dismantle the Government, hand the riches from Africa's biggest oil reserves to the people and nationalise foreign oil operations that have recently been allowed back into the country. [Read more]

Posted 14th May Pub 23rd March 2011

The Telegraph

Libya: it wasn't supposed to be like this in free Benghazi - By Rob Crilly, Benghazi 23 Mar 2011

The young gunmen at the roadblock took no chances. They put a knife to the throat of the driver before hauling the three men and one woman from the car, dragging them through the street into a nearby mosque for a rough round of interrogation. [Read more]

Posted 25th April - Global Research, April 3, 2011
"Our Man in Tripoli": US-NATO Sponsored Islamic Terrorists Integrate Libya's Pro-Democracy Opposition
by Prof. Michel Chossudovsky
Concepts are Turned Upside Down: The US-NATO military alliance is supporting a rebellion integrated by Islamic terrorists, in the name of the "War on Terrorism"... [Read more]
There are various factions within the Libyan opposition: Royalists, defectors from the Qadhafi regime including the Minister of Justice and more recently the Foreign Minister, Moussa Koussa, members of the Libyan Armed Forces, the National Front for the Salvation of Libya (NFSL) and the National Conference for the Libyan Opposition (NCLO) which acts as an umbrella organization.

Rarely acknowledged by the Western media, Al-Jamaa al-Islamiyyah al-Muqatilah bi Libya, the Libya Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG), is an integral part of the Libyan Opposition. [Read more]

Posted 22nd April. Pub. Global Research 30 March 2011

"Al Qaeda" Backbone of Libyan Rebel Factions?

The greatest geographical concentration of suspected terrorists with links to Al Qaeda just happens to be in the areas dominated by the “rebels”
Tribal chiefs, fundamentalist clerics and monarchists in the East have been active in a “holy war” against Gaddafi welcoming arms and air support from the Anglo-French-US “crusaders” - just like the mullahs and tribal chiefs welcomed the arms and training from the Carter-Reagan White House to overthrow a secular regime in Afghanistan.

Once again, imperial intervention is based on ‘alliances’ with the most retrograde forces. [Read more]

Posted 17th April

[Anorak Notes,


Manufacturing Consent for Regime Change

Human Rights Watch claims cluster bombs used on "rebel" civilians.

The Orwellian Main Stream Media spews more un confirmed tales to paint the Libyan military as civilian killers. Human Rights Watch is a tool of the MONEY POWER, it would be naive in the extreme if one does not question HRW honesty -funded as it has been by George Soros, the Rockefella & Ford Foundations and indirectly by British & US governments i.e. "the usual suspects".

It may just be that a cluster bomb has been fired by Libyan forces though it is extremely doubtful. What is not in doubt is the serial holocausts inflicted on women, children and men - mostly civilians, from Dresden and Hiroshima through to the deluge of depleted uranium munitions used on civilians across Iraq, Afghanistan, Gaza, Lebanon etc. and now Libya, by American and European imperial powers. The audacity in hypocrisy in epic. The fact is that a sophisticated lie if told repeatedly passes as truth for the unquestioning..

Posted 16th April Published 13 April 2011
Libya: The Law is Clear - It is Illegal to Arm the "Rebels"
By Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey

April 13, 2011 "Pravda" -- The law is the law, and it is crystal clear. Under the UN Charter and Resolutions 1970 and 1973 it would be illegal for any entity to arm the "rebels" in Libya and in so doing, this would constitute a breach of international law, leaving the perpetrators open to criminal liability. And has anyone researched the history of the "rebel" movement?

Popsted 16th April. Published 13th April

Libya All About Oil, Or Central Banking?

By Ellen Brown

Several writers have noted the odd fact that the Libyan rebels took time out from their rebellion in March to create their own central bank - this before they even had a government. Robert Wenzel wrote in the Economic Policy Journal:

I have never before heard of a central bank being created in just a matter of weeks out of a popular uprising. This suggests we have a bit more than a rag tag bunch of rebels running around and that there are some pretty sophisticated influences. [Read more]

Posted 13th April 2011 Published 10th April 2011

Propaganda and "Humanitarian Imperialism"

Lots of links to public domain documents. This article covers many important hidden histories of Western intervention in Libya, including the present one. Anorak notes
Since the beginning of the crisis in Libya, the media has taken sides in favor of the rebels. The media relies almost solely on the rebellion’s claims, while totally dismissing information emanating from the Gaddafi government.

Since the beginning of the insurrection in Libya, Muammar Gaddafi accused Al-Qaeda and Osama bin Laden. He thus claimed several times that the terrorist network manipulated the insurgents. This Tuesday, James Stavridis, the commander of NATO’s forces in Europe, has partly confirmed these claims.

Rebels, Al-Qaeda, MI6, CIA
Here’s a Guardian article from 2002. This information has been available for ten years, but the media didn’t think it was newsworthy:
British intelligence paid large sums of money to an al-Qaeda cell in Libya in a doomed attempt to assassinate Colonel Gadaffi in 1996 and thwarted early attempts to bring Osama bin Laden to justice.
The latest claims of MI6 involvement with Libya's fearsome Islamic Fighting Group, which is connected to one of bin Laden's trusted lieutenants, will be embarrassing to the Government, which described similar claims by renegade MI5 officer David Shayler as 'pure fantasy'.

Posted 5th April Published 25th March 2011
Who are the Libyan Freedom Fighters and Their Patrons?
by Prof. Peter Dale Scott

Posted 5th April Published 30th March
The Euro-US War on Libya: Official Lies and Misconceptions of Critics
By James Petras and Robin E. Abaya

Many critics of the ongoing Euro-US wars in the Middle East and, now, North Africa, have based their arguments on clichés and generalizations devoid of fact. The most common line heard in regard to the current US-Euro war on Libya is that it’s “all about oil” – the goal is the seizure of Libya’s oil wells. On the other hand Euro –U.S, government spokespeople defend the war by claiming it’s “all about saving civilian lives in the face of genocide”, calling it “humanitarian intervention”.

These arguments are without foundation and belie the true nature of US-UK-French imperial power, expansionist militarism, as evidenced in all the ongoing wars over the past decade (Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, etc.).

Posted 29th March
A CIA Commander For Libyan Rebels
By Patrick Martin

March 28, 2011 "
WSWS" -- The Libyan National Council, the Benghazi-based group that speaks for the rebel forces fighting the Gaddafi regime, has appointed a long-time CIA collaborator to head its military operations.

Posted 18th March

CAIRO—Egypt's military has begun shipping arms over the border to Libyan rebels with Washington's knowledge, U.S. and Libyan rebel officials said.

Posted 10th March Published 7th March

America's secret plan to arm Libya's rebels

By Robert Fisk, Middle East Correspondent
Obama asks Saudis to airlift weapons into Benghazi
Saudi Arabia has not yet responded to a request from the US to supply weapons to rebels in Libya. [Read more]

Posted 27th Feb 2011

Libya: Is Washington Pushing for Civil War to Justify a US-NATO Military Intervention?
by Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya
The U.S. and the E.U. now seek to capitalize on the revolt against Qaddafi and his dictatorship with the hopes of building a far stronger position in Libya than ever before. Weapons are also being brought into Libya from its southern borders to promote revolt. The destabilization of Libya would also have significant implications for North Africa, West Africa, and global energy reserves.

"Bait and Switch"
Libya and The Holy Triumvirate
By William Blum

Will the state-dominated economy be privatized? Who will wind up owning Libya's oil? Will the new regime continue to invest Libyan oil revenues in sub-Saharan African development projects? Will they allow a US military base and NATO exercises?


Who Are The Libyan Freedom Fighters And Their Patrons?
By Peter Dale Scott
"It may puzzle and perhaps dismay young protesters in Benghazi, Cairo and Tunisia that their democratic hopes are being manipulated by an ultra-conservative Arab elite which has underhandedly backed a surge of militant Islamist radicals across North Africa. "


Joseph Beuys And Coyote Meet "Humanitarian" Bombing Campaigns
By Phil Rockstroh
Images of irradiated rains and bombing campaigns have left many riddled with dread, haunted by the uncertainty of it all...gripped by the feeling that events are hurtling at an exponential rate of speed towards some ill-defined but tragic reckoning.