No Fly Zone - Anorak Notes

The "game plan" to gain control of 3% of world oil supplies seems clearer now that the "No Fly" humanitarian "offensive" is in play.

Could it be that a criminal syndicate is steering events? US President Van Buren called them the MONEY POWER as did President Jackson and others. Libya seems a classic example of their power to manipulate minds & events with awesome and shameless audacity.

With Gaddafi in power, Libyan oil was outside the MONEY POWER's immediate sphere of influence. Libya is not a member of the Bank for International Settlements. The most important factor was not the oil itself but in what currency it might be traded. Like Saddam Hussein's Iraq, Iran & Venezuela - now Libya, oil was being sold for Euros, Renminbi, gold etc. This threatens the MONEY POWER.

Independent observers believe the West has been plotting an enervating Balkanisation of Libya (3% of world's oil)


The Libyan people are the MONEY POWER's target. They are sitting on the MONEY POWER's oil and daring to operate their own national central bank. As in the past e.g. Yugoslavia, the tactic is to divide and rule. One established practice is to dress mercenaries in the uniform of the force to be destabilised and let them be seen brutally murdering civilians or servicemen of another ethnic or political force which can then be played to create internecine warfare. General Sir Frank Kitson wrote of these tactics in a manual for the British Army, "Low Intensity Operations".

The main stream media, especially the BBC for the UK, has been spinning the "brutal murder" of civilians by Gaddafi forces, repeatedly qualified by the comment "so far unconfirmed". Rebel civilians, when it suits the spin, are show as "lightly armed" rebels forcing back the "professional" Gaddafi army". One "rebel" coalition has announced in March that they had established a central bank for Libya. It is not reported whether this is an Islamic bank fore going usury which would reflect the strong influences of Islamic fundamentalists in the area of Benghazi. This area is highlighted in Pentagon reports as home to "al Qaeda" and other "terrorists" outfits. There are many whistleblower & investigative reporters exposes of involvement by CIA, MI6 etc. with these gangs. David Shayler being one MI6 involved with al Qaeda inLibya: http://cryptome.org/shayler-gaddafi.htm

As always, many hundreds of innocent lives have been lost from all the communities inveigled in the West's manipulations.

Established practice, stir up regional, ethnic and tribal conflict, buy a leader i.e. Mustafa Abdel Jalil and get the various factions to crush each other, destroy the infrastructure of the country, like Iraq, Yugoslavia etc. and make the people beg for peace at the end of an orgy of violence. That's means accept the MONEY POWER's puppet.

The international "aid agencies" step in, the World Bank & IMF etc. magic up, out of nothing, vast quantities $ debt and the MONEY POWER has control of 3% of the world crude to be denominated in dollars. Meanwhile propaganda brain washes the global audiences into seeing the West as sacrificing resources to protect human rights and civilians under attack from a "tyrant".

It provides an efficient way to control Libya's oil with out invading. History will be written to show the NATO & UN as righteous upholders of human rights and justice - "saviours" of the weak and oppressed. END

Articles at:


Question who the rebels are and how they were armed.

Robert Fisk, Peter Scott Dale etc.

Well - just a couple of anorak notes to balance the Orwellian spin.


U.S. And NATO Escalate World’s Deadliest War On Both Sides Of Afghan-Pakistani Border

Report on Afghanistan & the tribal regions of Pakistan. The Occupation forces have killed 10 000 civilians in Afghanistan in 2010 alone. Drone attacks in the tribal areas of Pakistan have killed 1000 civilians mostly women and children.


Who can forget Madeline Albright saying killing half a million innocent children in Iraq though sanctions in the 90s was "worth it"



Libyan woman brutally silenced for accusing Gaddafi's forces of rape?

PR scams used at key times of selling the BIG LIE



International Law used to justify military action only if a party was directly attack by an identified foreign country. Hague Convention 1907?

Of course the US and NATO have rewritten established law via UN manoeuvres having bought UN members "leaders" compliance in crooked deals involving "development loans & military aid".

See: Congressman Ron Paul on International Law, The Constitution and the War Powers Resolution

http://www.brasschecktv.com/page/1060.html VIDEO