Reflection on Bradshaw's support for War

Articles by Bradshaw on Syria / Libya

On Libya

An overview of some of Bradshaw's politics - mostly on his hawkish military stance

On US / NATO unprovoked wars on UN members nations since Libya, 2011, Bradshaw's record is of an enthusiastic supporter of actions that have destroy successful, stable, multi ethnic, multi-racial societies. Under the absurdity of  “Responsibility to Protect”, R2P, Bradshaw supported action against Libya, Syria and now ISIS in Iraq.

The compiler of this Unreported World Review is not supporting any leader, be it Gadaffi or Assad.  The Review is to convey information, admissible in any honest court of law that challenges the statements of the US / NATO / Israeli et al military alliance waging criminal wars.

Check out the history of US intervention in the 20th century as a comparison. Millions of innocents have been murdered - Vietnam, Laos, South American - research the deaths by US drones in Afghanistan and Pakistan described as “collateral damage”.

Check US use of chemical weapons: (Incomplete as no mention of US devastation of Fallujah in Iraq)

US forces 'used chemical weapons' during assault on city of Fallujah

Regarding Bradshaw’s support for the new claim (2005) of western nations “international duty” to human rights, there is clear evidence of the age old excuse of belligerent nations waging war for political, economic and resources advantage called - war for peace.

R2P is in absolute breach of previous international agreements on the illegality of wagging war unless under direct military attack of a home land.

On chemical weapons use by the Assad government this is, in absolute terms, unproven. Regarding the East Ghouta, there is a large body of evidence indicating that the only source of the weapons was the areas held by insurgents supported by the West (plus Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Israel etc.)

As with al Qaeda there is voluminous evidence that ISIS / al Nusra has been fostered, nurtured, trained, armed, protected and directed by the US / NATO / Israeli alliance. ISIS and al Nusra casualties are regularly reported as being transported into Israel for medical treatment. Even Ban K Moon, Secretary General of the UN, has stated this in UNDOF reports in 2014 although not identifying the groups by name.

Libya has been bombed into the dark ages. Black people have murdered in their thousand for being black. Women, who were equal under the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, are now third class citizens and oppressed and abused under extreme religious cultures. The gold and oil that gave Libyans one of the best standards of living in Africa, prior too western intervention, has passed into nefarious hands.

Many extreme Sunni fighters from the Benghazi region are widely reported as having been transported via Turkey into Syria to destablise the secular government of Asssad. The story is to long for this article but many reports can be sourced here Global Research

That the UN has been manipulated by the power of the US empire is a contentious assertion. However, what is comprehendible to those that are committed to peace and justice is the fact of International Law prohibiting military action unless in self defence. In the 20th century the principle agreements are HERE.

They include:

The General Treaty for the Renunciation of War [Kellogg-Briand Pact]  
The United Nations Charter 

The Nuremberg Judgement 

The Nuremberg Principles 

The Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court