Exeter based resistance to Israeli outrages: First posted 2 June 10

[Sent to core group EPSC & Friends of Palestine]

This information is sent to further conversation with souls from Friends of Palestine [Exeter Uni] & Exeter PSC following some chatter about "on the street" boycott activity targeting West Bank products.

Product: Ahava

Possible Target: Serenity Exmouth

Date: I hope it comes in good time but a Saturday morning is best.

MUST SEE .... please this is what we need to emulate (if possible)

Code Pink Tel Aviv Hilton demo

Code Pink Boston demo (musical expression of political views)

An event of this type is quite possible and achievable in a highly constructive and strengthening way for souls braced against the next outrage. It offers the opportunity to censure open complicity in Israel's crimes and to publicise the outrage of Israel policy to the holiday makers and day trippers that will be packing Exmouth on Saturday mornings - well, depends on what season.

To find out more about:

The inspiring women's demonstration:

Code Pink.

Ahava: (Code Pink site)

Local (to Exeter) promoters of Ahava:

What's possible in Exeter area:

Please await an invite to confer over a get-together outside the Exmouth "Serenity" salon. I'm presently assessing who might be around & when as the uni summer break is on us and holidays are the norm.

If you have read this far - a big thanks - more info is on the blog notice board including the basic requirements to proceed SEE:

Awaiting information regarding a non-violent direct action trainer and responses from Serenity about their promotion of Ahava products so please check the page next week