Exeter based resistance to Israeli outrages
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Outline: Potential activity to tighten the meaning of "Boycott Israel"

Inspiration: Code Pink. Women centred positive direct action for a better world.

Sector: Beauty products sourced and sold on the inherent value of the minerals and organic materials only found in that location i.e. annexed land - stolen territory.

Target product: Ahava a Code Pink site - valuable info source search for Ahava or do a

Complicit local promoters: (found so far)

Serenity. Exmouth beauty salon

Serenity is a small salon and Ahava only one of the beauty products marketed however they are actively promoting Ahava and hold events, sponsored by Ahava, devoted to marketing the products. These events are becoming increasingly popular and the products are wining new customers in Exmouth.

Beauty Time. Newton Abbot beauty salon

Chi. Umberleigh beauty salon

Rough outline of action & resources required

Saturday morning plea to the owners of Serinity in Exmouth to stop promoting and using Ahava products. The activity will be a very gently communication to the owners trying to win them to our way of understanding international law, human rights and justice. If you have seen Code Pink you will recognise the effect that a camera can capture.

A small successful demo could give some impetus for further action in Exeter itself and help build stronger links between those who are prepared to stand up to this outrageous rogue state. A minimum of ten folks are needed - more would be better. Ten folk formed as a body outside the shop to sing / chant / speak about Ahava (love in Hebrew) the occupied West Bank. Demo based on Code Pink actions / song sheet.

To give confidence and to anchor the gathering for folk new to this type of expression of opinion, a film crew will be in attendance to focus bouts of activity. To supplement this confidence building framework a Non Violent Direct Action workshop is recommended the evening prior to action. I'm seeking contact with a woman from the International Solidarity Movement who participated and supported Cambridge PSC with action in the local Tescos. She comes well recommended. Also local trainers are being sought to supplement this activity.

Afterwards there will be a EPSC garden social in central Exeter to refresh and discuss the action. It is envisioned that it should be possible to replay footage taken of the event.

Equipment / contributions needed:

Press co-ordinator

Leaflet design / production. A joint EPSC & FOP (Exeter Uni)

A supply of placards for supporters / Palestinian flags /

Table for literature / leaflets / petitions etc.

Humus / salad / etc. makers

Mud glorious mud - we cannot buy Ahava mud so we need a safe supply.

Sound system (maybe)