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We are led, by the "Main Stream Media" (MSM), including the BBC, to believe that reported human rights abuse by the Assad regime warrants Western Power's military intervention in absolute contravention of all international law on the inviolable rights of sovereign states and on waging war. [1]

Challenging this "official truth", independent observers and "whistleblowers" are providing solid evidence that reveals the "humanitarian" Right to Protect policy, cited by western authority, is manufactured from an ocean of disinformation and deceit.

The summaries to the links below, to BBC World News Editor Jon Williams, The Guardian's Charlie Skelton, Allgemeine Zeitung, The Telegraph, NY Times, Jerusalem Post, Vatacan News Service and many more, reveal a very different picture of the catastrophe befalling the Syrian people. This little reported evidence indicts the US and its acolytes for unprovoked aggression and barbarous "military" practice outlawed by all war crimes legislation.

The shameless audacity of the magnitude of lies and disinformation being spread is sobering. Where is the peace movement, the traditional "left", or simply patriots questioning? The "Big Lie" promotes the comfortable assumption that "we" are giving humanitarian assistance to fellow humans in need and it seems to have fogged the minds of those who previously would be alert to the dangers.

What is really happening?

The facts in the public domain reveal that "we" are funding, equipping, training and leading gangs of Sunni Jihadists, "al Qaeda elements" and mercenary fighters. The military and intelligence services of the US, Israeli and the European "alliance" are bringing our sworn enemies - al Qaeda militias - from  Iraqi, Afghanistan, Libyan etc. to invade Syria in support of Syrian ethnic and religious factions linked to the US NATO war machine. This is planned to cause mayhem and to provoke internecine warfare and the destruction of the multicultural society that offered freedom of religious practice.

We are sending in our lads (al Qaeda / al CIA) to rape the young girls (and boys) to protect their virginity.

The Syrian political system and human rights conduct are not condoned here. There are serious abuses and Syria intelligence was a provider of torture facilities to the US. Syria sold its services to the US for their "Extraordinary Rendition", or torture by proxy, programme. In comparison to the US and corporate meddling in Rwanda, Condo, estimates of 10 million murdered by western backed mercenary interests [2] or Saudi Arabia, Colombia, Afghanistan, Iraq et al, Syria is a bit player.

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"Dismissal without serious investigation is the highest form of ignorance"  ……………….  Einstein