Ukraine Crisis / War Propaganda

Note on Ukraine crisis. Yes there is the Friday 5th ceasefire signed in Minsk but many fear this will collapse. The US military policy of Full Spectrum Dominance is still in play and the NATO moves East, motivated by geopolitical and resource goals, seems unlikely to abate. 

Dear Reader,

With many "authorities", both East and West, warning of war between Russian and NATO over Eastern Ukraine's desire for self determination, I'm looking to the Green Party for a rational constructive statement on this extremely dangerous situation.

The MSM (Main stream media) is full of accusations of Russian aggression, of "dictator Putin" the threat to peace and Russian responsibility for the downing of MH17. 

Are these accusations accurate and based on verifiable facts?

Valid evidence has yet to be presented. Unfortunately it takes time for alternative news and reports to surface. However I hope you will have a look at the brief reminder of history below. Links to original sources at foot of page.

Yours in peace    ……….  John Yates

Aide memoir to war propaganda

When one examines the background to the accusations of  Russian "aggression" and "expansionist" military policy there seems little evidence to back up US and allies claims.  These unqualified claims are propelling economic and military manoeuvres against Russia which many on both sides say risks a wider war.

Satellite photos showing lines of  tanks, allegedly a Russian invasion into the Ukraine, brings back memories of people being fooled by the same type of images displayed by Colin Powell prior to the 2nd US war on Iraq. Then photos showed massed tanks of the Iraq army on the borders of Saudi Arabia. Commercial available satellite photos taken at the same time found nothing. The photo and threats were manufactured to engineer acquiescence for an invasion of a sovereign state 100% in contraventions of all international law on war.

And then there was Tony Blair and the 45 minute threat of attack by Saddam with WMD.

I'd hope we can all recall many other false claims made by US/NATO to justify moves to war.

Just last year the claims that Syrian Government forces used chemical weapons on civilians have been shown to be unproven. This was the much trumped reason for going to war in Syria to back the host of foreign insurgents attempting to overthrow the regime. The UK parliament voted against war but it was a close vote.

Since then MIT has produced a report seriously challenging the accusations against the Syria Government. Seymore Hersh prepared an analysis of the chemical weapons accusation indicating the insurgents were the prime suspects. UN human rights investigator Carla del Ponte has questioned claims that Syrian government forces used chemical weapons.

I could write pages listing false claims justifying war but it requires time and focus to uncover a sounder truth than our authorities give us about these life and death issues. But just recall that the Bay of Tonkin "incident", since accepted as a fake, "justified" a war on Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia that cost literally millions of lives.

But for today the risk of conflict between nuclear armed states over Ukraine, especially a conflict on the borders of Russia, needs calm minds and strong voices to bring the relevant facts to the public's attention.  Governmental authorities and the MSM are simply not acting with honesty and integrity in presenting the relevant facts about the Ukraine crisis. Nor the historical context of imperial powers in decline when the global fiat currency banking system is utterly corrupt, bankrupt and having reached the end of the exponential curve of debt money creation. History indicates at these times big private banking needs war to destroy wealth and create the conditions for a new world order to be imposed on those unprepared.

The Green Party is prepared. It has adopted key policies on money creation, usury and control of the private banking system so our society can create a peaceful ecologically sound and sustainable future for those that will come after us. The Green Party is anti imperialist war, seeks transparency in the City of London and accountability of the media. These are the basic policies vital for hope of building a majority for a new sane society in the 21st Century.

As a new member I hope the Party will stand up strongly and identify itself as having these policies necessary to extract Britain from the US/NATO war machine and point the way to a brighter future for human kind.

Links to above statements

No troops or weapons crossing the Russian-Ukrainian border - OSCE
Observers from the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) “have registered no troops, ammunition or weapons crossing the Russian-Ukrainian border over the past two weeks.  The OSCE Special Monitoring Mission’s report covering a period from August 20 to September 3 said  ......

Former U.S. Ambassador to the Soviet Union: The U.S. and Nato Are Provoking the Ukrainian Crisis

U.N. has testimony that Syrian rebels used sarin gas:

UN accuses Syrian rebels of chemical weapons use

Seymore Hersh - What the NY Times and Washington Post refused to publish

Robert Fisk - US Claims Have a Very Familiar Ring
Reports of the Assad regime's use of chemical weapons are part of a retold drama riddled with plot-holes

War on Syria was planned two years before
Christof Lehmann (nsnbc),-  The former French Foreign Minister Roland Dumas admits, the war on Syria was planned two years before “The Arab Spring”. Dumas states in a TV interview, that “top British officials” confessed that they were preparing a war on Syria and asked “If I wanted to participate”.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said in a press conference. "You can't fight a regime only because you don't personally like the dictator leading it and not fight some regimes where you like the dictator.