The Art of Manipulation

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Opposition to established power, even if disorganised, has always been targeted by those in power as a threat, as a enemy to be controlled or destroyed as required. The oldest strategy is,
"the best way to defeat your enemy - is to lead them"

Why exposing Avaaz, Wikileaks and the manipulators of Occupy et al - is IMPORTANT.

Occupy, Wikileaks and to a lesser extent Avaaz, (Scroll down for AVAAZ ... Background) are familiar names to many and considered as political movements seeking social justice, human rights and environmental protection. How could anyone doubt the sincerity of these forces?

I don't question the sincerity of the grassroots activist involved and supporting these political icons. However I do seek to persuade you to consider the summaries and articles below that reveal a perspective, based on evidence, that George Soros and all he is associated with, represent an extremely dangerous insidious influence on public opinion through, among others, the three organisations above.

The forces he musters are extremely powerful and well connected. This multitude of "charitable" or campaigning organisations feature senior personalities from government, media, the military and central banking. They were set-up by cash and resources from "philanthropic" foundations of the immensely wealthy.

On the surface these foundations are dressed with integrity. They present as sincere and dedicated  in working for the human rights / justice agenda in a straight forward manner. But the evidence suggest that they are doing the opposite - i.e. working for the US / NATO military alliance for corporate domination of our planet's resources and control of the global banking system.

Propaganda is not new but in the digital age social engineering has evolved along with the complexity of society and the vast choice of media inputs. Media control and the social engineering propaganda  programmes now play a significantly larger part in influencing populations from the Soviet citizen under the KGB et al. to the West under the Pentagon and European  agencies. A common term for this type of activity undertaken in the West via NGO's in league with political power, is astroturfing.
Astroturfing is a form of advocacy in support of a political, organizational, or corporate agenda, designed to give the appearance of a "grassroots" movement.  
The goal of such campaigns is to disguise the efforts of a political or commercial entity as an independent public reaction to another political entity—a politician, political group, product, service or event. The term is a derivation of AstroTurf, a brand of synthetic carpeting designed to look like natural grass.

Soros is not alone in manipulating public opinion by subliminal means but this piece, "The Art of Manipulation", will focus on the three organisations above, starting with Avaaz. It is very clear at this time how Avaaz serves the established power structure, or at least one wing of it. Campaigners familiar with Avaaz welcome the easy route to "political intervention" via online petitions. It is claimed that there has been success on some issues, be it Israeli disregard for human rights or cancellation of the 2011 Bahrain GP, or the torture of Bradley Manning.

Success? half a million signatures demanded an investigation into the Israeli piracy and murder on the high seas - the Marvi Marmara and Peace Flotilla attack. The UN did undertake an inquiry in 2011 that the Guardian Newspaper described as "the long-awaited UN Palmer Report - [which] reached conclusions almost completely at odds with the Guardian narrative".  And Israel continues to this day as it has done for 65 years . Bradley Manning is still hidden away and the 2012 Bahrain GP went ahead successfully. This is not to say that ringing the bell for the oppressed is a waste of time, however:  

"Clicktivism – as Avaaz's brand of online activism is sometimes known – is easy. So easy, in fact, that it often gets a bad press. Cynics argue that signing an online petition, like joining a Facebook group, takes mere seconds, achieves little, and doesn't encourage clicktivists to engage properly with the issues concerned. Sites such as Avaaz, suggested Micah White in the Guardian last year, often only deal with middle-of-the-road causes, to the exclusion of niche interests: "They are the Walmart of activism . . . and silence underfunded radical voices." More infamously, internet theorist Evgeny Morozov has called the likes of Avaaz "slacktivists", claiming that they encourage previously tenacious activists to become lazy and complacent"  More at:

Propaganda and NGOs - Keith Harmon Snow

Human rights investigator and award-winning journalist Keith Harmon Snow, describing the U.S. Center for American Progress and its use of propaganda in portraying Africa in order to protect and further U.S. interests/ foreign policy objectives. The Center for American Progress, is closely connected with the same players that founded and financed Avaaz. [More]

AVAAZ   ........  Background

Below are summaries of, and links to, articles concerning the connection between George Soros and Avaaz plus the emotive reporting on unconfirmed accusations of wrong doing e.g. rape in Libya [More] and the demands for military intervention by Western power. [More]

The Guardian piece [Avaaz faces questions over role at centre of Syrian protest movement]  reports on Avaaz, side by side, with the US NATO military and political machine in engineering a "revolution" in Syria for the benefit of Israel and the Western powers.

An article by Martin Iqbal at The Empire Strikes Back 9th June 2012

Activism’ and ‘human rights’ foundation Avaaz blames the Houla massacre on Assad and calls for foreign intervention. A peek into the background of Avaaz explains its pro-empire position, and who is really behind it.

 Avaaz received over $6.7 million in 2010, and paid its President [Ricken Patel] over $180,000 as a salary (still feel good about donating?). On top of this, in 2010 Avaaz gave Res Publica (more on them later) a $100,000 grant. Avaaz is doing extremely well considering this and the fact that it was established relatively recently, in 2006. Where is all of this money coming from? [Read more]

Tom Perriello co founded Avaaz. He is involved with many of the Open Society organisations and was the representative in Congress for Virigina's 5th District. He supports the current US military policy of invading countries to supposedly protect civilians -the US "Responsibility to Protect" policy.

The article suggests Tom Perriello is employed by Soros and that $375 000 was given to Avaaz by Soros to establish the organisation. Several of the Avaaz pages referenced "grants" can no longer be found. [More]

Ideology at the helm of Avaaz

 "As far as America’s war against terrorism is concerned [the] senator provides unequivocal support to Barrak Obama"   Tom Perriello, co founder of Avaaz

Article by Perriello, on Responsibility to Protect in cases such as Libya and Syria or how rape may be used to protect the virginity of the "oppressed". His support for Obama policies in the Middle East are in tune with Avaaz which has launched  an extraordinary mission into Syria resulting in the deaths of several journalists.

Zionist critique of Soros as enemy of Israel.
Reports, board members, links, employees etc.
"Obviously, a lot of very experienced internet campaign organisers are involved with Avaaz and its support base has grown considerably since its establishment, perhaps due to action on subjects with a fairly broad consensus such as ecology or aid to areas suffering natural disasters such as Haiti and Burma.  However, it seems that the Avaaz community – having been recruited by means of whales, bees and elephants – is also being manipulated into taking a stance on the Arab/Israeli conflict and that the information it is being given in Avaaz campaigns on this subject is, to say the least, highly partisan." [More]

Rape in Libya - the "progressive" petition co-ordinating mind control machine funded by billionaire George Soros and other Obama friends are pushing this story along with most "Main Stream Media". Not hard to see why. Libya has 3% of world oil.

Dragged away for reporting rape Avaaz screams ….. Iman al-Obeidi burst into Tripoli hotel …. pleads with foreign journalists for help …. showing bruises and crying that she had just been gang-raped by 15 of Qaddafi's men.

Not questioning her statement yet, rape is a vile crime and only too prevalent, but this smacks of the PR scams used at key times of selling the BIG LIE.   [More] 

Avaaz calls for no-fly zone - Libya

17 March 2011
Avaaz demands military intervention by Western power.

Additional measures should also be urgently implemented, including recognition of the provisional government; jamming of Qaddafi's television stations and more extensive and targeted sanctions and assets freezes on the regime.   [More]

Friday 2 March 2012
Avaaz faces questions over role at centre of Syrian protest movement .... Ed Pilkington  in New York  ....,

It's helped with logistics and supply in Syria but is the activist 
group really equipped to operate in such a brutal war zone?

Amid the mass of reporting and commentary around the bloody events in Syria this week, one aspect has largely gone unnoticed: the extraordinary role played by an online campaigning group that despite its infancy has managed to place itself at the centre of the unfolding crisis.
Avaaz is only five years old, but has exploded to become the globe's largest and most powerful online activist network. In Syria, it has become an important player in the crisis, acting as a co-ordinating hub and logistical supply route for the protest movement. [More]
Posted on March 12, 20120

Latin American union groups and members have been “denouncing, through the network of friendly trenches, the hidden labor of AVAAZ and its duplicity in its treatment of certain topics”. They have also circulated the response to Avaaz written by Stella Calloni – the highly respected Argentine journalist. [More]

Mar 12, 2012 Avaaz, 
Ref: The International Campaign to Destabilize Bolivia, The International Campaign to Destabilize Syria, The International Campaign to Destabilize Venezuela

Gentlemen of Avaaz,

I firmly request that my email address be removed from your message-distribution lists, a request that I reiterate once again.

You circulate information that is slanted, manipulated by spurious interests; you convoke cunning and one-sided initiatives that represent the interests of the colonialist claw; you speak of peace, and when you speak of peace you speak of submitting to unipolar greed; when you speak of peace you speak of occupation and dependency; when you speak of peace you speak with the language of terrorism that is a scourge of the peoples and you pretend to impose “democratic” models that are nothing more than strategic-management schemes for subjection and for the avid desires of the imperial alliances.

The violence in Syria will cease when the forces that act to destabilize that country are shipped back to their imperial bases. The horror that the Syrian people are living is the horror of the imperial intervention, of the select world of capital. [More]

Two blog entries that echo the message I am seeking to convey. One from Tech Week Europe and one from a Media Lens participant that sums up succinctly.

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