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Gentlemen of Avaaz,

I firmly request that my email address be removed from your message-distribution lists, a request that I reiterate once again.

You circulate information that is slanted, manipulated by spurious interests; you convoke cunning and one-sided initiatives that represent the interests of the colonialist claw; you speak of peace, and when you speak of peace you speak of submitting to unipolar greed; when you speak of peace you speak of occupation and dependency; when you speak of peace you speak with the language of terrorism that is a scourge of the peoples and you pretend to impose “democratic” models that are nothing more than strategic-management schemes for subjection and for the avid desires of the imperial alliances.

The violence in Syria will cease when the forces that act to destabilize that country are shipped back to their imperial bases. The horror that the Syrian people are living is the horror of the imperial intervention, of the select world of capital.

The self-determination of the peoples is the first concept that you violate with your campaigns cosmetically disguised with do-good pacifism.

Information in the service of the causes of greed is as aberrant as the seditious groups infiltrated into the societies that come under the stare of perversity.

The Syrian Spring burgeons in the work, education, culture, sovereignty, dignity, self-determination of the Syrian people, there is no Spring on the imperial geopolitical chessboards, it is impossible to design Springs in the halls of capital and the arms industry. That which you call the Syrian Spring is the Syrian Hell, and the interests that move those savage circles of sulfur and lucre color your communiqu├ęs and evidence the display of perversion and lies.

Will other peoples in the world remain on the list of your peace campaigns?

Will you, in your domesticating efforts, call for action on behalf of the peoples of Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, Ecuador, Bolivia, North Vietnam, North Korea, China…?

Will all of South America be added? Will you be told to do the same for Central America?

Will you ever allude in the slightest to the fifty-year-old blockade of Cuba that is maintained by your bosses from the North?

Do the Israeli, British, US bombs in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, that tear life apart and yield excellent economic results for your bosses not enter into your campaigns for peace for the peoples?

The hypocrisy, the perversion, the media manipulation, at times bring directly to mind a last name that belongs to the worst of the human species: Goebbels. You follow that road of “lie, lie, for something will stick.”

The peoples of the world awaken, begin to understand the macabre game of the bosses. Peace is built on truth.

Maybe you would never understand that.

I wish you a refreshing bath of conscience, I wish that you may be able to try out looking at others eye to eye, I wish that the Spring of truth makes life more humane for you.


Gabriel Impaglione

Poet, Argentina


Gabriel Impaglione is a poet and journalist born in Moron, Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1958. He is now based in  based in Sardinia, Italy, where he lives with his wife, the Italian writer Giovanna Mulas. For his full bio and to source his work please visit: